Continuous delivery in the world of containers


Continuous delivery in the world of containers

February 22, 2019 - by admin

Container delivery

In the previous blogs of the Modern DevOps with Containers series, we spoke about the importance of Containers and Kubernetes in app delivery, their challenges and their growing adoption. In this post, we take a look at how a platform-based approach can help enterprises simplify, accelerate and scale their modern DevOps journey with containers.

HyScale: purpose-built for modern DevOps with containers

The container delivery process, in the overall workflow of app delivery using containers, has changed when compared to the VM based app delivery model.

Using scripts in a Container based application delivery model has challenges like disruption, lack of standardization, scalability, visibility and a demanding learning curve. A container-based application delivery platform can help overcome these challenges by automating, standardizing and providing the right visibility while performing the CD (Continuous Delivery) process.

HyScale, a modern DevOps platform is purpose-built to help enterprises deliver applications in a seamless manner using containers. The illustration below shows how HyScale fits into an existing enterprise ecosystem and provides key capabilities that make it easy to onboard & containerize applications and deliver them to runtime hosting platforms.

As explained in the illustration above, in a typical enterprise app the source code is pushed to the VCS repo which is run through the build machine like Jenkins that compiles the App Binaries & WAR files to an artifact repository (JFrog or any other) with shell scripts. HyScale on boards these existing monolithic apps and re-uses the existing scripts. Thereby eliminating the various manual scripts required for different services. HyScale automatically containerizes these apps with the existing preset OS-environments and configurations that generate deployment ready artifacts that are ready to be deployed to a hosting provider like Kubernetes or AWS.

Benefits with HyScale

HyScale is a unique platform built with an application-centric approach to help enterprises accelerate their application delivery. The platform is purpose built with key benefits to help enterprises make the shift towards container adoption and fast track their applications to Kubernetes and other app hosting providers.

  • HyScale eliminates disruption caused by manual scripting efforts. It directly on boards all the app artifacts and services required for container app delivery.
  • The platform offers standardization of best practices for your existing app packages thereby getting rid of the custom scripts required for each service.
  • Container automation is a proprietary feature of HyScale where your existing apps are automatically converted to containerized images with existing OS environments and configurations ready for app delivery.
  • HyScale also offers a one of a kind UI which offers visibility, change tracking and progress of your app delivery pipeline.
  • There is no need for Docker expertise as the platform is designed to accelerate containerized app delivery regardless of your app readiness for Docker.
  • Quick and hassle free integrations with your existing pipeline saves setup time.
  • Finally, HyScale provides a single pane of glass, to deliver applications to multiple Kubernetes clusters. This way, enterprises can seamlessly deliver applications to public, private, or hybrid infrastructure running Kubernetes runtime.

With HyScale, IT operations can now truly become automated, self-serviced, standardized, and minimally disruptive for enterprises looking to embrace container-based app delivery.