HyScale and Platform9 combine offerings to accelerate Kubernetes adoption


HyScale and Platform9 combine to accelerate Kubernetes adoption

Providing an end to end solution for teams migrating to K8s

March 12, 2020 - by admin | appeared on Faun

Migration to K8s (Kubernetes) involves multiple aspects like setting up a K8s cluster, managing & operational aspects, deployment considerations as well as moving applications to that cluster with continuous delivery so as to derive the intended benefits of cost-efficiency, scalability, and portability. The whole project typically involves diverse pieces of effort requiring different skill-sets and a lot of time.

The complexities around K8s can be resolved by bringing together two critical pieces of the puzzle - 1) Simplification of K8s cluster setup & management, and 2) Simplification of app migration/delivery to K8s. This is exactly what the powerful combination of Platform9 and HyScale brings to the table.

For companies looking for freedom to use their existing infrastructure and want the flexibility to start small and scale to production on their own terms, Platform9 has launched new, free and flexible SaaS-managed Kubernetes plans. The partnership brings together HyScale’s app-centric abstraction towards deployment of apps to K8s, with Platform9’s capabilities to eliminate day-2 operational complexities

In simpler words, teams can now spin up a cluster on any infrastructure in under 5 minutes and take advantage of Platform9’s SaaS management which provides automated upgrades, remote monitoring, and security patching. Teams can then leverage HyScale to automatically containerize & deploy apps to Kubernetes without K8s jargon, or writing/maintaining long K8s manifests.

The Platform9 + HyScale partnership brings forth these benefits:

  • Easy-to-setup K8s infrastructure for application deployments enabling modern continuous delivery
  • App-centric abstraction and well-defined automation for clear handoff between the dev teams and IT
  • Fully automated deployment and Day-2 operations in any environment, on-premises or public cloud
  • Single pane of glass visibility across all environments & 100 % pure upstream Kubernetes
  • Standardized delivery process thereby avoiding ad-hoc processes, tribal knowledge and repetitive learning curve across teams

This partnership is designed to be of value to enterprise teams who are tasked to provide Kubernetes to their app teams and have these teams quickly migrate workloads onto those clusters but do not have the skills, time, or budget. The use cases can range across Sandbox development/testing environment, Staging clusters, CI/CD, test clusters, Scale testing, feature testing of your microservices apps, Production apps, etc.

HyScale is provided by Pramati Prism, Inc. Please find step by step instructions on how to setup Platform9 and HyScale together for a Managed Kubernetes setup with App-Centric delivery. Reach us on Write to us at connect@hyscale.io if you have any questions.

For details on the new Platform9 Managed Kubernetes plans, read their launch blog.