Turning five is no joke and you’ve done it in style, Kubernetes!


Turning 5 and you’ve done it in style, Kubernetes!

June 6, 2019 - by admin

Happy birthday to you!

We remember early 2014 as an interesting time at HyScale with us trying to solve the deployment and management of hundreds of containers on top of VMs. We took up the complex task of building a container orchestrator with several proprietary optimizations such as hibernation and passivation. By June we were off to a promising start, but it came with the realization that we didn’t have to solve orchestration anymore. Kubernetes had entered the space.

On that day, we went back to the drawing board, embraced Kubernetes with all its uncertainties, took our chances, and fast forward to 2019, built an application delivery platform for k8s.  As for Kubernetes, just like we predicted, it has now emerged to be the de-facto orchestrator and container hosting platform.

For us, the benefits of Kubernetes are many and we find two prominent pursuits within it. The Dev/DevOps teams looking to push new features of modern applications into the market faster through CI/CD built for Kubernetes and the enterprise IT team that wants to extend container and Kubernetes benefits to traditional applications. We believe the latter is still untapped and holds great promise.

For us at HyScale, 5 years of Kubernetes marks our own journey so far in helping enterprises successfully achieve both these pursuits. And that’s how Kubernetes has enabled an entire community of players like us to benefit enterprises.

It has been a hell of a ride so far, and here is a snapshot of Kubernetes adoption in 2018-19. We are excited to see where this road takes us!