Streamline enterprise-wide k8s adoption and delivery

Implementing Kubernetes clusters is a good start, but leverage begins only when your dev teams run workloads on it. How can you accelerate this?

docker rails

Lower deployment bottlenecks by promoting reuse

microservices design patterns

Reduce circular interactions between Dev and DevOps/IT

docker run container

Minimize management overheads due to adhoc DevOps tooling

create docker image

Enable shared visibility of deployment success metrics

Power larger initiatives

  • Accelerate container migration
    Maximum automation that helps containerize web workloads in weeks not months.

  • Action hybrid infrastructure
    Infra agnostic delivery platform means you can use it do deliver apps to k8s running on any cloud and data centres.

  • Manage cloud-native deployment
    Maintain a repository of images and package versions. Keep history and track app changes across infrastructures.

docker container

Accelerate to modern IT operations

  • Reduce DevOps effort Deploy faster by automating infra provisioning and creation of Docker images, and k8s manifests
  • Standardize process Reduce delays due to custom scripts by implementing a unified deployment pattern for app teams across businesses
  • Enable self-service Lower manual approvals, handoffs, tickets and long wait times by providing self-service capabilities
  • Promote reuse Get better control of license costs by normalizing tech stacks and reducing variability within and across units

Ramp up Kubernetes usage across your enterprise by ironing out significant adoption roadblocks like custom processes, manual operations and delivery friction. This means faster realization of k8s benefits like reduced infra costs, app portability and scalability.