Deploy your App to
K8s within minutes

HyScale is an open-source application deployment tool
that helps you effortlessly deploy to Kubernetes.


With HyScale’s app-centric abstraction capabilities, app
teams can move to k8s much faster and save significant
time spent on overcoming k8s complexities.

You can use HyScale to

Generate Docker files &
images from packaged code
like binaries, jar, war,
scripts, etc
Generate K8s manifests
from an app-centric
declarative description of
services/applications &
Deploy manifests into
directed clusters and get a
live service/app URL on
Troubleshoot deployment
issues with easy,
understandable error
messages instead of cryptic
K8s messages

Benefits for App teams

Test drive apps on K8s without the tedious,
manual effort, with auto-generated K8s YAMLs
Quickly adopt a developer friendly,
high-level framework for Kubernetes
Free up developers time spent on deployment
and troubleshooting with app-centric abstraction
Roll out a uniform deployment method
to Kubernetes across teams
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HyScale Offers Open Source
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